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《老友记》片头曲里唱到“I’ll be there for you”,一语道破了老朋友的重要性,接近年底,小编也特别想说一句,thanks for those who know that I am too young too naive but will still be there for me.没错,老朋友就是那些“一直在”的人。 那么关于老朋友,有哪些可以借鉴的语料呢?


指望、仰赖count on,rely on

与…相互交流 interact with

结识 make acquaintance with

亲密关系 intimate relationship

稳定关系 stable relationship

保持联系 keep in contact with

建立良好关系 establish sound relationships with

持久的友谊 enduring/longstanding friendship

增强友谊 cement friendship

一辈子的朋友 lifelong companion


  1. It is always a blessing for people to find someone whom they can count on in their greatest time of need.在急需帮助的时候找到可以依靠的人是上天的恩赐。

  2. Old friends know us the best and they will never judge us and will accept us just for who we are.老朋友最了解我们,他们从不评判,只是接受我们本来的样子。

  3. We can share the deepest secrets of our mind with those who we have known for decades.相知多年,我们无话不谈。

  4. Sometimes even talking seems unnecessary since they can easily understand what we are thinking without saying a word.我懂你的沉默。

  5. When hanging out with old friends, we do not have to choose our words meticulously and we can joke about our most embarrassing moments without the fear of being judged.不必想怎么说,不怕你笑我。



  1. It is often not a good thing to move to a new city or country because of the loss of old friends. (2014.9.21)不想离开老朋友搬去新的地方。

  2. The ability to maintain a small number of friends for a long time is more important to happiness than the ability to make new friends easily. (2014.8.30)不忘老朋友比结识新朋友更重要。




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